February 9 Zodiac Sign:Aquarius 
February 9 Birthstone:Amethyst
February 9 Ruling Planet:Saturn, Uranus 
February 9 Element:Air
February 9 Lucky Day:Saturday 
February 9 Lucky Colors:Turquoise
February 9 Lucky Numbers:3, 4, 17, 18 and 22
February 9 Zodiac Compatibility:Compatible with Gemini and Libra

February 9 Birthday Astrology and Horoscope

People born on the 9th of February are Aquarius. Aquarius is the eleventh sign in the zodiac, it is a fixed water sign that is the polar opposite of Leo, and ruled by Saturn and Uranus. 

Astrologers believe that Aquarius are visionaries. They see into the future and work hard to invent the new pop culture, technology, and ideologies that would make the future as good as they envisage it to be. In their business or career, Aquarians are not all about the money. They want to do something unique and creative that would be of value to the world.

In their friendship and relationship, Aquarians born on February 9th, seek people who they can connect with intellectually. Their interest is piqued when they meet new people who are good at what they do, whether it’s in art, science, or any field.

In this article, we have also looked at what your February 9th birthday says about your personality and love compatibility, so keep reading.

February 9 Zodiac Personality

Aquarians are the intellectuals and humanitarians of the zodiac. They are associated with the catchphrase ‘i know’. These folks have a knack for gathering information and putting what they know into practice in such a way that it makes the world a better place. 

Also, they prefer conversations that have more of ‘we’ and less of ‘me’. Aquarians belief in working towards a common goal. They make good leaders and team players. 

These folks are social and friendly. When they come into a place, everybody would notice. However, from time to time, they withdraw to their quiet space to think. It is during their time of thinking that they come up with creative ideas and strategies.

Aquarius is a fixed sign. As a result, they are stubborn. These guys insist on their own way and would always refuse to listen to others. This will always pose a problem in their relationships. Notwithstanding, they enjoy teamwork and nothing makes them as happy as interacting or working with those who are like-minded.

Your friend, colleague, or acquaintance who will be fast to start a revolution, try out the latest funky fashion, always seeking new things, and a social butterfly, is probably an Aquarius. These folks bring hope and a sense of being refreshed to others. 

Traits of a person born on February 9

Those born on the 9th of February have a blend of both positive and negative traits. 

February 9th Positive Traits 

Here are some of the positive traits those born on the 9th of February have:

  • Nurturing
  • Eloquent
  • Curiosity
  • Bold
  • Creative
  • Open-minded
  • Free spirit
  • Humanitarians
  • Easy going
  • Original
  • Friendly
  • Ambitious
  • Modest
  • Independent

February 9th Negative Traits 

Here are some of the negative traits those born on the 9th February have;

  • Inconsistent
  • Impulsive
  • Unpredictable
  • Extreme
  • Stubborn
  • Ideal
  • Insensitive
  • Aloof

February 9 Zodiac Sign Compatibility

Aquarius love and compatibility is based on intellects. For them to get emotionally attracted to you, both of you have to bond intellectually. After an intellectual bond, the next thing an Aquarius wants in a relationship is freedom. These folks hate the feeling of being stuck or tied down. In a relationship, they appreciate it when their partner allows them to make new friends and travel the world. 

They also do not wear their emotions on their sleeves. Don’t always expect an Aquarius to show affection, because as long as they are concerned, once you can both have an intellectual discussion, that’s fine. 

During love-making, Aquarius folks like to try out new things. You can trust them to come up with new positions, toys, and even the suggestion of a threesome, however, they are loyal lovers.

As individuals who like innovations, don’t expect Aquarius to stay with the general norm of heterosexual older males and younger females. They would rather date those who are way older or younger than them. They will also be the first to acknowledge their sexuality. Don’t be surprised when you see them come out as pansexual, bisexual, gay, or homosexual. 

As a result of their perspective toward love, friendship, and sex, these folks relate better with other Aquarius born. They would also blend well with other air signs. Just like air and fire complement each other in Nature, fire and air signs also relate well.

However, Aquarius may not relate well with water and earth signs. When relating with water signs, Aquarius will come off as insensitive and aloof, because water signs are all about emotions. And when relating with earth signs, Aquarius comes off as an unstable person.

February 9 Famous  Birthday

Here are some famous people who were born on February 9; 

  • Tom Hiddleston is an English actor who is best known for playing the role of Loki in the Marvel Cinematic Universe superhero movie Thor. 
  • Michael B. Jordan is an American filmmaker and actor who is famous for playing the role of Oscar Grant (a shooting victim) in Fruitvale Station. He has also featured in movies like; Black Panther, Creed II, What If…?, and Creed III.
  • Carole King Klein is an American composer, musician, songwriter, and singer. She has been active since 1958 and is regarded as one of the most influential musicians of all time. 
  • Charles Peckham Day is an American producer, writer, and actor. He is best known for playing the role of Charlie Kelly in It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia. However, he has featured in other movies and series like; its 2014 sequel, Pacific Rim, and The Lego Movie 2: The Second Part. 
  • Other February 9 famous birthdays include; Chris Gardner, Rose Leslie, Avan Jogia, Zhang Ziyi, Alice Walker, Judith Light, and Saquon Barkley.
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