December 22 Zodiac Sign (Capricorn): Birthday & Personality Explained

December 22 Zodiac Sign: Capricorn
December 22 Birthstone: Garnet and Blue Sapphire
December 22 Ruling Planet:Saturn
December 22 Element:Earth Sign
December 22 Lucky day:Tuesday, Friday, and Saturday
December 22 Lucky Colors: Black, Indigo, and Brown
December 22 Lucky Numbers: 6, 8, and 9
December 22 Zodiac Compatibility: Most Compatible with Taurus and Virgo

December 22 Birthday Zodiac Personality

If you are born on December 22, then you must have questions. I feel you. You’ve probably been trying to find out which zodiac sign exactly is yours. We have written this post just for this reason. So, you might want to stick around and learn a little bit about yourself including your zodiac sign and how your birthday influences your personality traits.

If you are born on December 22, your star sign is Capricorn. As a Capricorn, you are a little too serious with life. Life, to you, is all about goals and ambition. This is why you set high standards for yourself; you don’t want to be working so hard for something that does not worth an ounce of effort.

You are a high achiever and will not settle for anything that is not the absolute best. You believe that nothing good comes easy and you stay open to failures and lessons, because what’s life without them losses?

People often mistake your fierce ambition for pride and often tag you as serious. But deep down, you just don’t have the time to give away yourself to things and people that do not feature in your life pursuit.

There are so many interesting things about you. Learn more about Capricorn Zodiac here.

December 22 Horoscope and Astrology

Your ruling planet is Saturn, the planet that represents responsibility, hard work, and determination. The energy of Saturn reflects greatly in you. You are a master planner. You love to stay in full control of your life and everything around you. You fearlessly chase things to the moon and back and do not give in to obstacles.

Since you are a Capricorn, you are a cardinal sign. You are among the pioneers of the zodiac as you initiate the beginning of the four seasons. You are always quick to initiate new ideas or kick-start a project. You possess the qualities of a visionary leader and this is evident in your dynamic behavior and go-getter attitude.

You always set out to achieve the impossible regardless of how self-oriented your goals can be. Your weak point? You lack the stability to follow through with your actions and hence may need to be paired with a fixed sign for more balance in your approach.

As an earth sign, you know how to keep it real. You don’t pretend to be who you are not, and you absolutely do not sugarcoat your words. You are well-grounded in nature and you know how to come through for the people that are dear to you.

Your Zodiac symbol is represented by a Sea-Goat — a half-goat, half-fish symbol that reflects your complicated dual personality. On one end, you are ambitious, determined, and hardworking; and on the other end, you are an outright pessimist. You have learned to not expect much good from life, except you are solely deserving of it.

Traits of a person born on December 22.

As a December 22 born, your star sign is one of the zodiac’s most serious and hardworking. Below are some of your positive and negative traits.

Positive Traits

  • Ambitious
  • Determined
  • Resilient
  • Bold
  • Practical
  • Goal-oriented
  • Organized
  • Confident
  • Independent

Negative traits

  • Mean
  • Pessimistic
  • Materialistic
  • Critical
  • Stubborn
  • Overly serious

Is December 22 Sagittarius or Capricorn?

Every year, around December 21 or 22, the sun leaves the Sagittarius sign and enters the Capricorn territory. What we have on either one of these dates is the approximate zodiac sign depending on the exact location and time you were born.

You can use this free natal chart report to determine if your December 22 birthday is Sagittarius or Capricorn.

The idea that people born within the first or last days of an astrological sign can possess a blend of both energies known as cusp is a myth. There is no astrological basis for it. You can either be a Sagittarius or Capricorn, as the planets can only be aligned in one place at a time, meaning you can only have one sun sign — because the sun can’t be in two places at once.

December 22 Zodiac Sign Compatibility

If you are born on December 22, you are a Capricorn. In astrology, signs fall within one of four elements. The four elements are water, fire, earth, and air. Signs that belong to the same element group are easily compatible with each other.

In that case, since Capricorn is an earth sign, you are most compatible with your fellow earth signs, Taurus and Virgo. This compatibility works in both platonic and romantic relationships.

People born on December 22 are goal-oriented with love as they are with work. They take matters of the heart a little seriously and are quite careful when choosing a partner.

You will not mind waiting for years until you find your soulmate, because you would never settle for anything less than you deserve and you also would never lower your standards for anyone.

Your fellow earth signs will understand the assignment. They are as loyal and committed as you, and share in your determination and ambition. You want a partner who runs at the same pace as you and is as direct and focused as you, you will find these traits in Taurus and Virgo, although Taurus will not always catch up with you.

Additionally, you can work things out with the water signs, Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces. These guys will teach you how to loosen up and connect more with your emotional side.

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