August 11 Zodiac Sign:Leo
August 11 Birthstone: Peridot
August 11 Ruling Planet:  Sun
August 11 Element:Fire Sign
August 11 Lucky day: Sunday
August 11 Lucky Colors:   Orange, Red, and Gold
August 11 Lucky Numbers: 1, 4, and 9
August 11 Zodiac Compatibility: Compatible with Aries and Sagittarius

August 11 Birthday Zodiac Personality

If you were born in August, consider yourself lucky. Consider yourself luckier if your August birthday fell in Leo season. With your August 11 birthday, you have absolutely nothing to worry about, because you are in good company and have the most attractive and enviable personality.

You shine like the sun that hangs majestically above the clouds, not only because it was shining brightly at the time you were born but because it is your ruling planet. You are warm, smart, and highly approachable.

You are a natural-born leader who loves attention and applause, even though you may act otherwise. You are kind to everyone in a way that is concerning because you are equally ruthless. However, you are very straightforward and do not have a shady personality. You love to protect your loved ones at all costs, reserving your mean side for those who attempt to cross a line with you.

People love you for your amazing personality, and this article sheds light on all the things about you that make people very attracted to you.

August 11 Horoscope and Astrology

You are ruled by the Sun, a brightly burning body that fixes you into a consistent, mostly unchanging individual. You acclaim yourself as the center of the universe. You couldn’t be wrong. In astrology, the planet Sun represents power, authority, and how you come out and deal with the people. The Sun gives you the life-giving energy to wield off all the evils of your life and of those around you.

Your August 11 zodiac sign is a fixed sign, which means you do not do well with change. You don’t know how to let go of things that you are already familiar with. You believe in having deep roots, and will spend most of your time developing what you already have such that you become so powerful at it.

As a fire sign, you are passionate, confident, and energetic. You like to assume yourself as an actual fire – burning aggressively, lighting up paths, and destroying things that get in the way.

You have a practical mind. You believe in doing rather than imagining. You put in your best at all times and can thrive almost everywhere.

Your astrological symbol is represented by a Lion, a fiery creature whose characteristics reflect greatly in you. You are passionate and dynamic. You delight in opportunities that will make your charismatic, inclusive personality shine.

Traits of a person born on August 11

If you are born on August 11, below are some of your positive and negative traits.

August 11th Birthday Positive Traits

  • Leader-like
  • Organized
  • Caring
  • Supportive
  • Responsible
  • Charismatic
  • Optimistic

August 11th Negative traits

  • Arrogant
  • Possessive
  • Proud
  • Jealous
  • Temperamental

August 11 Zodiac Sign Compatibility

If you are born on August 11, you are a Leo. In astrology, signs fall under one of four elements. The four elements are water, fire, earth, and air. Signs that belong to the same element group are easily compatible with each other.

In that case, since you are a fire sign, you are most compatible with your fellow fire signs, i.e., Aries and Sagittarius, because they share the same fiery nature as you. This compatibility will work in both platonic and romantic relationships.

You have a very charming personality, therefore you easily attract people to yourself. You want a relationship that is vibrant and fun. About the fun stuff? You can always count on the air signs (Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius), for this is where their strength lies. They will set the podium for you, and cheer and applaud you while you perform.

The water signs (Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces) and earth signs (Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn) may be too laid back for your energetic and outgoing personality.

August 11 Famous Birthdays

  • Born in 1983, Chris Hemsworth is an Australian actor who rose to fame after playing Thor, the crown prince of Asgard in the Thor and the Avengers film series. Before his migration to Hollywood, Chris had already started his acting career in Australia and where he starred in the Australian drama series, Home and Away.
  • Born in 1989, Úrsula Corberó is a Spanish actress who attained international fame after playing the role of Tokyo in the Netflix hit series, La Casa de Papel. She has been the face of prestigious brands like Maybelline, Tampax, and Calzedonia.
  • Born in 1993, Alireza Jahanbakhsh is an Iranian footballer who is best known as an attacking midfielder/winger for the Dutch football club, Feyenoord.
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